„A leader leads by example not by force.“

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[open folder] Parent Directory [view image] black-grass.jpg Green Grass before Black Sand [view image] canyon-asbyrgi.jpg Ásbyrgi Canyon at Botnstjörn Lake [view image] canyon-fjadrargljufur.jpg Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon from below [view image] church-hof.jpg Wood and Turf Church at Hof (Öræfi) [view image] eriksson-reykjavik.jpg Statue of Leif Erikson in Reykjavík [view image] geysir-strokkur.jpg Strokkur Eruption at The Great Geysir [view image] glacier-geese.jpg Geese flying over Glacier Lagoon [view image] glacier-ice.jpg Ice Sculpture looking like a Horse [view image] glacier-iceberg.jpg Blue Iceberg floating in Jökulsárlón [view image] holmanes-peninsule.jpg Peacfull Bay at Hólmanes Nature Reservat [view image] hotpot-hvammsvik.jpg Hot Tub at Hvammsvík [view image] hotpot-krosslaug.jpg Krosslaug Natural Pool [view image] hotpot-seljavellir.jpg Abandoned Geothermal Swimming Pool [view image] krafla-industries.jpg Krafla Power Station Kröflustöð [view image] namaskard-smoke.jpg Sulfur Steam at Námaskarð [view image] nupsstadur-abandoned.jpg Abandoned Turf Farm of Núpsstaður [view image] viti-rainbow.jpg Víti Crater Lake briged by a Rainbow [view image] waterfall-dettifoss.jpg Dettifoss: Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe [view image] waterfall-godafoss.jpg Goðafoss: Waterfall of the Gods [view image] waterfall-hraunfossar.jpg Hraunfossar Swells out of Lava Field [view image] waterfall-svartifoss.jpg Svartifoss: Rushs between Dark Lava Columns
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„To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape...“